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17 Jul

Lagos Surulere

If you live in Lagos State and you have not been or heard of Surulere, chances are you live under a rock. A residential and commercial Local Government Area located in the state, Surulere is one of the most exclusive areas on Mainland Lagos. Aside from the fact that Surulere is known as the sports city of Lagos seeing as it houses two international sport venues, some of the most famous streets in Lagos state such as Adeniran Ogunsanya, Adelabu, Ogunlana Drive, Bode-Thomas and Eric Moore, are found within the district. If you are a lover of Nigerian music or you are active on the Nigerian social scene, you may have heard lines and comments affirming Surulere as one of the best places to live in Lagos. And if you are wondering why the district is so acclaimed, we at Jumia Travel share 5 possible reasons Surulere is the best place to live in Lagos.

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